"The prawns were indecently large and sinfully good..." -Ross Golden Bannon
Welcome to Village Cafe
  Our Food

The Village Café is one of Rathmines oldest established eateries, having first opened its doors in the summer of 1989 under the stewardship of Noreen Rice with ground-breaking menus for its day. The Café re-opened in 2009 after extensive refurbishment (and expanded again in 2010), with a new mission to provide an eclectic array of excellent quality food at great value prices. Our food philosophy is based on the appreciation of simple flavours that can only come from insisting on fresh, raw ingredients and treating them with respect, passion and ingenuity.

At the Village Café we seek to avoid both the pretentiousness and inflexibility of haute cuisine and the tastelessness that comes with volume production.

While our evening menu shows strong French and Italian influences (whether it is the striploin with green beans or the Portobello mushrooms stuffed with ricotta and parmesan) our chefs borrow from all of the Mediterranean culinary traditions to create a new lunch menu every couple of months and  of course, our famous daily specials.

However, our breakfast and brunch menus are strongly grounded in the best unbeatable Irish traditions albeit with the occasional twist, turn and nod to the modern health-consciousness diner.

All our ingredients and products are sourced with diligence and care.  Priority is given to seasonality, quality (usually co-dependent), freshness and proximity. However that doesn’t stop us going all the way to Newport, Co. Mayo to get our hands on Cormac Kelly’s White in Black breakfast pudding.